Chemical Knowledge for Halloween

Chemical Knowledge for Halloween

Author: ChemistryViews

Pumpkins, sweets, spiders, champagne, … there is chemistry involved everywhere


Sugar Chemistry

Clever Picture: Sugar Chemistry

We all love sugar, but what is it chemically and since when do we know sugar?



Halloween Quiz

Quiz/Game: Halloween Quiz

We wish you a very Happy Halloween with this science-related quiz


The Saccharin Saga – Part 1

Focus: The Saccharin Saga

The invention of the first artificial sweetener and a lifetime battle for credit





Allspice Chemistry

Clever Picture: Allspice Chemistry

Contrary to what its name suggests, allspice is not a mixture but one unique ingredient


What Makes Slime Slimy?

News: What Makes Slime Slimy?

Happy Halloween – Simple explanation of the chemistry behind slime





How Does Our Body Process Alcohol?

Videos: How Does Our Body Process Alcohol?

The short video describes which processes take place in the body during alcohol breakdown and how long this takes






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