Ph.D. Journeys Abroad

Ph.D. Journeys Abroad

Author: ChemistryViews

Stories about obtaining a Ph.D. in a foreign country, facing challenges, and experiencing positive changes

A stay abroad during the doctorate is the dream of many people and is also useful for one’s career. However, it is also an adventure to live far away from friends and family, in a foreign country with a foreign language, and to get off to a good start in the new lab. In the series “Ph.D. Journeys Abroad“, six Marie Curie doctoral students from all around Europe talk candidly about their experiences.

They describe, for example, the ups and downs, mental problems such as imposter syndrome, and how they overcame them. For example, the ESR (Early Stage Researcher) network of the Marie Curie Ph.D. Fellows program was a great help.

Even though not everything was easy from the beginning, especially while the coronavirus pandemic made it impossible to see people in person, they all enjoyed their stays in different countries very much. They agree that overall it was a good decision to go abroad during their Ph.D. They have developed as individuals and as early career researchers, both in terms of their professional and interpersonal skills, and they would all make the same decision again.



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