Tips to Make the Most Out of Conferences

Tips to Make the Most Out of Conferences

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Conferences are a great opportunity to keep up to date with developments in your field, make connections with other researchers or industry chemists, and present your research to a targeted audience.

Find the most important events in your field and learn how to make the most out of them with conference-related content we have published over the last years in ChemistryViews.


Choose the Right Event

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  • Choose which events to attend by looking at the invited speakers/the scope, where your peers are going/who else is going, your budget (price, duration, location), which societies are involved.

  • Ask for recommendations from colleagues, friends, social networks.

  • If you have to justify attendance to your employer, focus on the learning opportunity and how the company/institute you work for will benefit.

Science Slam

  • Science Slams are fun to attend and a great alternative to present your work.

  • Also virtual events might be an option.



Tips for your poster


tips for your presentation
tips for pre-conference planning
  • Take a look at the conference schedule ahead of time, identify the speakers and sessions most interesting to you and create your own agenda.
    However, do not overbook yourself to stay open for spontaneous opportunities.


During the Event

  • Google people you want to meet and engage with. Look for recent pictures of them and know their background to create good conversations.

  • Do not forget why others should want to meet you, and make sure you have business cards at hand and use them.

  • Tips on how to find networking opportunities and make the most out of them.

  • Tips for online networking
Tips for your poster
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After the Event

Event Highlight and Videos


Have Fun

Wonderlab Comic



Promote Your Event

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