Chemistry & Light

Chemistry & Light

Author: ChemistryViews

A growing compilation of articles on chemistry related to light


Video: How Does a Match Work?,
ChemistryViews 2020.

Why does a match burn? Why does it ignite only on the friction surface of the matchbox?

Video: The Chemistry of the Candle Flame,
ChemistryViews 2020.

What happens chemically when a candle is burned?

Focus: Burning Time of a Candle,
ChemistryViews 2019.

How long does it take for a candle to burn down and what does this time depend on?

Video: Lit Candle Covered With a Glass,
ChemistryViews 2016.

What happens if you cover a lit candle in a water basin with a glass?

Video: Where is the Heat of a Candle Flame?,
ChemistryViews 2016.

With an experiment of Michael Faraday we examine where the heat of a candle is

Focus: Chemistry of the Christmas Candle,
ChemistryViews 2011.

When we light a candle, the chemistry we are pursuing is not only especially beautiful, but also especially complex

Clever Picture: The Electromagnetic Spectrum,
ChemistryViews 2015.

There’s more to the electromagnetic spectrum than meets the eye

Spotlight: The Future of Lighting,
ChemistryViews 2015.

New challenges to materials research due to the second semiconductor revolution

Interview: Snapshot of Light as Both a Particle and Wave,
ChemistryViews 2015.

Can an image capture the dual behavior of light at the same time?

Video: The Chemistry of Firewoks,
ChemistryViews 2015.

The video shows what happens during fireworks and how chemistry is involved

Clever Picture: Chemistry of a Sparkler,
ChemistryViews 2017.

Chemical look at a hand-held firework

What Color Is the Sun? Focus: What Color Is the Sun?,

Yellow? Green? White? 🤔🌞








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