Tips for Your Career

Tips for Your Career

Author: ChemistryViews

A growing compilation of articles related to boosting your career


Mentoring & Networking

Making and maintaining connections can be very helpful for your career

Your Mentors and Role Models Will Shape Your Career,
ChemistryViews 2021.

Tips on how to choose role models and mentors who best fit our values and inspire us to grow both personally and professionally

Commentary: Online Networking – How Networking Works During Corona,
Vera Koester,
ChemistryViews 2020.

The best tips from different scientists and their experiences with online meetings

Interview: Benefits of a Mentee and a Mentor,
Vera Köster, Markus Haider, Julia Tyrach,
ChemistryViews 2018.

Julia Tyrach and Markus Haider share their experiences with CheMento

German Chemical Society’s Mentee Program,
ChemistryViews 2015.

Within the framework of the first GDCh mentoring program, participants experienced intensive joint ventures

How to Network,
Vera Koester,
ChemistryViews 2014.

Good networking skills have become more important than ever a good start is to ask yourself who you are

Learning & Development

Sharpening your professional and soft skills is important for a successful career

Spotlight: Scientists Need More Advanced Skills,
ChemistryViews 2015.

Courses from scientists for scientists on communication and presentation skills, project and time management

Tips for Writing Better Science Papers,
Richard Threlfall,
ChemistryViews 2013.

Explaining scientific principles in simple and understandable language is a valuable skill: Insider tips on taking care of what you write

Interviews with Chemists about their Careers

Chemists Talk About Their Jobs

In this interview series we ask scientists about their job, aiming to give readers better ideas of which career paths are open to them, what kind of requirements they would need to get a certain position, and to give them an idea of the broad range of jobs available for chemists



Setting up your own business as a career path

Interview: Can I Become an Entrepreneur and If So, How?,
Vera Koester, Javier García-Martínez,
ChemistryViews 2022.

An interview with president of IUPAC, professor, entrepreneur, and author Javier García-Martínez

More Courage for Entrepreneurship,
ChemistryViews 2022.

The skills and knowledge acquired during chemistry studies are an excellent basis, yet the potential is far from being fully exploited

Interview: Chemistry Drives Innovation,
Vera Köster, Thorsten Daubenfeld,
ChemistryViews 2016.

Entrepreneurship in chemical training and importance of start-ups for innovation

Spotlight: We Need an Entrepreneurial Culture in Chemistry,
Stefanie Zillikens, Michael Brandkamp,
ChemistryViews 2016.

Situation for chemists in Germany for founding a company and benefits for the German industry

How to Become an Academic Entrepreneur,
Vera Koester,
ChemistryViews 2014.

9 tips to successfully turn discoveries into an everyday reality


Conferences & Events

Conferences are a great opportunity to keep up to date with developments in your field, make connections with other researchers or industry chemists, and present your research to a targeted audience

Events Calendar

Listing of chemistry and chemistry-related conferences, exhibitions, seminars, and workshops/training courses, including the option to submit your own event to the list

Tips for Your Poster and Your Presentation,
Richard Threlfall,
ChemistryViews 2014.

Tips on how to plan and design an outstanding poster

7 Tips to Become a Master Presenter,
ChemistryViews 2014.

David Zielinski watched people with top-notch presentation skills to find out what it needs to become a master presenter

Science Slams

Events aimed at presenting your results to a broad audience in an enjoyable and comprehensible way



Recognition by awards and prizes can be a career boost

Awards Accepting Nominations

Find links to awards accepting nominations and apply or nominate a peer



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