Chemistry & Sports

Chemistry & Sports

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A growing compilation of articles on chemistry related to sports


Quiz: Olympic Torch Quiz,
ChemistryViews 2021.
How much do you know about the background of the reliable and media-effective transport of the flame?

Video: What is a Football Shirt Made Of?,
ChemistryViews 2018.
The video looks at the different materials football shirts are made of and the properties of these materials

Clever Picture: The Science of Football,
ChemistryViews 2012.
What would a football game be without chemistry?

Spotlight: Faking It: The Science of Artificial Snow,
Victoria Barton,
ChemistryViews 2016.
Considering the rising temperatures and the costs of snowmaking, does it have a future?

Video: The Chemistry of Pools,
Celine Henk,
ChemistryViews 2018.
Chlorinating agents are commonly used to keep pools clean and sanitary. Find out how they work, why pools have this distinct smell and much more …

Clever Picture: The Chemical Journey of the Olympic Torch,
ChemistryViews 2012.
Each of the 34 designs of the official Olympic torch has relyed on chemistry to stay alight throughout the torch relay

Quiz: World Cup Ball Chemistry Quiz,
ChemistryViews 2018.
Test your knowledge of the World Cup ball







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