A Ph.D. Abroad — Pros & Cons

A Ph.D. Abroad — Pros & Cons

Author: ChemistryViews (graphic: Rute A. Pereira)

A compilation of articles on experience from stays abroad during Ph.D. studies

Doing a Ph.D. abroad has both advantages and disadvantages. Pros include access to new resources, international exposure, a global network of contacts, career opportunities, and personal growth. Cons include cost, language barrier, homesickness, and culture shock. Here, authors report on their experiences and share ideas and tips.

Blog: Post-doc in Paris 1

Commentary: Blog: Post-doc in Paris 1

What is a Post-Doc in Paris like? Tibiriçá Gonçalves Vasconcelos shares his experiences in a Blog.

Experiences from Seoul

Interview: Experiences from Seoul

What is a Post-Doc in Korea like? Eun Hea (Grace) Jho about her experiences



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