Chemistry & Spices

Chemistry & Spices

Author: ChemistryViews

A growing compilation of articles on chemistry related to spices


Nutmeg ChemistryClever Picture: Nutmeg Chemistry

A look at the chemistry of the slightly volatile aroma of nutmeg


Cardamom ChemistryClever Picture: Cardamom Chemistry

Cardamom seeds contain an essential oil that gives them a spicy, sweetish hot aroma


Anise ChemistryClever Picture: Anise Chemistry

A look at the chemistry of anise seed, which is used as a spice, either ground or whole


Ginger ChemistryClever Picture: Ginger Chemistry

Ginger is one of the earliest spices to be cultivated and exported


Cinnamon ChemistryClever Picture: Cinnamon Chemistry

In this Clever Picture we look at the chemistry of one of the oldest spices


Allspice ChemistryClever Picture: Allspice Chemistry

Contrary to what its name suggests, allspice is not a mixture but one unique ingredient


Sugar ChemistryClever Picture: Sugar Chemistry

We all love sugar, but what is it chemically and since when do we know sugar?


Clove ChemistryClever Picture: Clove Chemistry

We know cloves as a spice in the kitchen and in this Clever Picture we want to take a closer look at what clove is


Vanilla ChemistryClever Picture: Vanilla Chemistry

We know vanilla from food and the kitchen and in this Clever Picture we want to take a closer look at what vanilla is







The Saccharin Saga

Focus: The Saccharin Saga

Summer 1878: Two chemists unexpectedly discover an extremely sweet compound … Curiosities, tragedies, jealousy, passion, and exciting chemistry take their course




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